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The Sea Inside

I think that the movie the sea inside was a very very sad movie, for that fact I even cried a couple of times. For Ramone and his wish to die I belive should be decided by him. Doesnt it consit of that in our very constitution I mean I understand that it a different county but I think that is why I think so of that. I mean if you are over the age of 18 and you are a legal adult, if you can vote for our president that could change the whole world dont you think if you have a fair enough trial with a very good defense on why you should have the right to die dont you think you should? As Ramone said, "Life without freedom is not life at all..". Being a quadriplegic and having no freedom at all if you make the greatenough speech and make people understand I think the law should approve.

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

1) Cupcake Browns new job meant she could continue on with the addiction of drugs and parting which meant the fights continued between Cupcake and Tommy. Cupcakes dads father died and had left money for her father but cupcake with such a strong addiction to the point that she would even go against her family decided to steal some of the money to pay for the new crack addiction and just for her plain old dope. Cupcake eventually told her dad and he was so upset that he left the two. Once all of the money was gone they were put out and Cupcake had to leave Tommy. For cupcake drugs eventually led to even more of a depression problem that started to lead into suicidal thoughts. After the continuous suicidal thoughts she finally found a way for some one to kill her, she stole drugs from her dealer and as she had planned he threatened to kill her. But he didn’t kill her more just so beat her and she wound up in a dumpster 4 days later she woke up which really knocked her into shape, because later that day she walked to her bosses office and demanded to quit because she needed help with her addiction. With that her business helped her to get into a hospital rehabilitation center so she could get help. Found a sponsor shes calles V and talked to her over the phone for long after she was relased to try and keep her on track with her life and not fall into the same situation she was put in before she went to the hospital. Soon after she yet again meet the guy she thought was the one but they dated while she was in recovery and drugs were more important that Cupcake so her left her.
After Cupcakes recovery and release from the rehabilitation center she only resorted to her old ways once. She bounced back very quickly and finally started on her dream to become a lawyer. One day while talking to a professor he had told her that she should share her story, then NBC news decided to interview her and waited to see the feed back they would get from viewers and none was bad. So when she graduated college she became a professional lawyer.

2) did not do this activity. email/brought into class

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

1) Cupcake after separating with Kelly, Lori’s daughter goes to a club and meets a guy named Tommy. Who to her thinking would have just been like every other guy she was been friends with or meet. But to Cupcakes surprise it was not a one night stand; it was something that turned into so much more than that. She had finally meet someone who thought she was beautiful, had respect for her, and saw how much potential she had. He was the one person in her life besides her mother that put tried to put her life on track. He helped her gain a job, and not to long after they got engaged and then married. Cupcake at this time even though have a good job at Legal Firm still was involved in some sort of parting or drugs. After a while the marriage started getting rough with some fights. Later on Cupcake lost her job because her boss Dave who was the only person there that let her slide with the late mornings and some times even absences without an excuse. But eventually she yet again found a job that was very decent as well. As her and Tommy’s relationship grew worse so did the debt. At one point Tommy would beat Cupcake so had that the police even became involved. For what Cupcake thought could be a blessing on her for the dad to move in with them just made it even harder on the couple.

outside reading : A Piece of Cake


"Where there is Life,
There is Hope,
Where there is Hope,
There is Trust,
Where there is Trust,
There is Love,
Where there is Love,
There is Faith,
Where there is Faith,
There is Success,
Where there is Success,
There is God. " pg. 1
I think this quote really gives a good introduction into what the book could be, and helps sumarize every thing in the book. Even though cupcake goes through some really hard times in life she sees it all through in the end. I also think it really showes Cupcakes personality that she shows through the book, it portrays that in everything we do there is always some life, hope, trust, love, faith, success, and god somewhere.
2) In these chapters Cupcake after being emansipated and moving into her new apartment also gains another job ontop of drug dealing. She works the night shift for a security company. But her drug habbits were just taking up to much of her money and soon had to move out and back in with her dad. Which living with her dad they joined together and sold weed and pills, but soon after that her dad got sick of that and moved back in with Lori (his old "lady friend"). Even after all of that Cupcake moved out with Kelly, Loris daaughter but soon moved away from that and when back into her regular parting schedual.

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

1) Cupcake Brown in these chapter comes home to not only find that her boyfriend from L.A. had gotten her pregnate now while she at the age of fourteen years old. Her foster "mom" Diane wanted Cupcake to have a abortion, but she was strictly set on having the baby. Diane had Cupcakes foster siblings jump her and she lost the baby. Later she escapes from Lancaster and moves in with her aunt becky and her three boys. Soon after living with Becky one of her sons Fly fly get close with Cupcake and introduces her to the gang he is in and Cupcake then gets involved with the gang (eight-tray gangstas). After being in the gang for sometime Cupcake seemed to fit in so well that you may not even belive it to be her she learned to toot sterm, shoot a gun, and alot of other things but after a near death shooting she moved out and moved in with her non biological father but the one she had grown up with her whole life. but soon was emansipated and got an apartment by her self.

Bio on Cupcake Brown:

Cupcake Brown or La 'Vette Brown was born not into a life of luxury but into a life filled with no educational stimulation, privilege, or anything far from perfect. As a child Cupcake lived with her mother who died when she was very young, then getting sent away to a foster home got her starting to run away from what it was called Lancaster, to move into with her aunt Becky with resloved with her getting starting in violence, drugs, and a gang. Even at fourteen years old becoming pregnate and then loosing her baby she didnt know what still was to come. Going through prostitution, drug dealing, gangs, shooting, even living behind a dumpster, and to the best of what she was goingin life that shewould end up in a state prision while at that rate for all Cupcake knew she could have ended up in a street.... dead.

2) So far in the book "A Piece of Cake" I think there has been alot of different emotions that you could say thats Cupcake Brown has established. There is alot of changes that cause most of the emotions and being that young and having to deal with severe depression, deprevation, regection, and degration. On top of all of that going through constant prostitution, drug dealing, not to mention all before she turned 20.

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outside reading : A Piece of Cake

Cupcake and her brother are now living together with their father, discussing the plans for their mothers funeral. As Cupcake stated her and her brother never did get along, at one point she had even mad Koolaid for her brother that had a little amount of rat poisening in it becuase she actually wanted to kill him. Strangly though, her and her brother and been getting slightly along.. at least with out any death treats. After the funeral Cupcake was brought to a what you could call a adoption service. In order for her father to gain custidy of her, when to her surprise the officer decieds that it would be better for her to be put into Foster care in California.

Loaded Words:
1)sadness pg.53
This word is commenly used to show expression which is why it think Cupcake used it. In the situation she used it it was when she was finally able to talk to her uncle again after several weeks of being in foster care.
2)pounding pg.57
This word was used to show the extreme point of pain that came from one of her foster homes "father" named Diane after a pounding whipping.
3)bangers pg. 124
This is a loaded word because it is a word with many different feelings. Some connotative feelings towards bangers would be scary, family, tight. The author used this word because her gang used slang which alot of is used in her vocabulary through out the book
4)hatred pg.106
This word is used because it gives off a sense of meaness and can have different words used in its place. It's connotative feeling is yet again harsh. The author used this word because she wanted to show how much hate she had towards another person

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

"A Piece of Cake"

In the fist section of my memoir, The author Cupcake brown talks about how her whole life got started, from the time she was born to the minuet that she was sent away with her brother into fostercare. Cupcake lived with her mother who she thought was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, which was complete opposite of how she looked at her self. Cupcake and her mom played games, dress up, cooked, listened to music, danced, and all other sorts of stuff together. They were best friends, one morning after they had just been playing together the whole night before Cupcake had woken up to something very strange. Ushually her mom had an alarm go off very loud in the morning and she would turn it off, but this morning something different had happened she woke up to her moms radio blaring music. Cupcake went into her moms room and saw her laying half on the the bed half off, she thought her mom was playing a little trick on her but to her surprise her mom was dead. She was unushually calm, about the situatuin she pulled her mother off the bed onto the floor in her lap and began to cry while she held her mom and stroked her fingers through the smooth brown hair that she thought was so beautiful. Called her dads lady friend and said, "umm.. mommas dead". After all of that she refused to call the police and just sat there with her mother singing their songs.

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this i belive..

Josh Rittenberg, "Tomarrow Will Be A Better Day.."

Josh Rittenberg belives that no matter how bad your day seems and what ever happens, tomarrow will be a better day. That every day we progress weather it be from the two wars we survived or the horrible dieses that one day we also could defeat aids, or cancer.
Josh had realized that looking at his grandparents and great grandparents pictures thinking of all that they went though the two wars, a massive killing flu, segrigation, or even immagration to the United States of America. You have to look beyond that.. look at the wars we've survived or the vacines that we've made to cure polio, or the passing of the bill of rights. He thinks that we have a bright future ahead of us.
Josh has said that even though his father who was the one who had always told him "Tomarrow will be a better day" one day over herd him talking about how hes so worried about how our world will turn out becuase the younger generation is now starting to become in control. But Josh replies by saying that look at what we have allready overcome and look at that and compare that to what we could do now with all of the advancedments in life.
Somthing in Josh's i belive story was when he completly turned around what every one else sees for our future and has such positive lookout at saying that our world today could so easily come out on top, or suceed at so many things and says " I wanted to go up to my father, put my arm around him and say.. dont worry dad tomarrow will be a better day."

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my thoughts, day two

One of my goals for my sophmore year would be, to become alot more diverse in with my self. That means that I wouldent switch out of a class just beacause my friends arnt in that class, it would give me a excuse to meet new people and maybe even learn some cool new things. You never know what is out there untill you step outside of your comfort zone to see. Also would be to continue on my path to concentrating in school becuase last year I started falling behind so i jsut kind of gave up, this year I hope to stay on everything and even if I start to fall behind jsut know to give myself that small extra push to keep going with everything

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my thoughts, day two

The thing I am most anxious for about going to Edina High School, is that one I am finally out of the middle school and two that the two middle schools are combinded into one school. Fist about the getting out of middle school, I mean 4 years in that one place with 6th graders? I find that kind of odd seeing as most high schools start in 9th grade or sometimes even 8th grade. One of the big reasons it is a big deal to get out of middle school is the maturity level from 6th to 9th grade is a HUGE step. Secondly the best thing that comes out of going to high school is the friends you normally only see on weekdays after school or on weekends you get to share class with now. Which is a great oprotunity to make new friends or grow closer with thoes people maybe you've only talked to once or twice. A third reason that I can think of to be excited to go to Edina would be all of the opprtunities that you get here compaired to the middle school. As clubs, sports, extra curricular activites and such are a huge part of our high school it creates more diversity which could mean that you have the chance to maybe actually find that group of friends that you feel like you click with or that you have the same interest as them. Thoes are the things that I find make me excited about going to Edina High School this year.