Sunday, October 28, 2007

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

1) Cupcake Brown in these chapter comes home to not only find that her boyfriend from L.A. had gotten her pregnate now while she at the age of fourteen years old. Her foster "mom" Diane wanted Cupcake to have a abortion, but she was strictly set on having the baby. Diane had Cupcakes foster siblings jump her and she lost the baby. Later she escapes from Lancaster and moves in with her aunt becky and her three boys. Soon after living with Becky one of her sons Fly fly get close with Cupcake and introduces her to the gang he is in and Cupcake then gets involved with the gang (eight-tray gangstas). After being in the gang for sometime Cupcake seemed to fit in so well that you may not even belive it to be her she learned to toot sterm, shoot a gun, and alot of other things but after a near death shooting she moved out and moved in with her non biological father but the one she had grown up with her whole life. but soon was emansipated and got an apartment by her self.

Bio on Cupcake Brown:

Cupcake Brown or La 'Vette Brown was born not into a life of luxury but into a life filled with no educational stimulation, privilege, or anything far from perfect. As a child Cupcake lived with her mother who died when she was very young, then getting sent away to a foster home got her starting to run away from what it was called Lancaster, to move into with her aunt Becky with resloved with her getting starting in violence, drugs, and a gang. Even at fourteen years old becoming pregnate and then loosing her baby she didnt know what still was to come. Going through prostitution, drug dealing, gangs, shooting, even living behind a dumpster, and to the best of what she was goingin life that shewould end up in a state prision while at that rate for all Cupcake knew she could have ended up in a street.... dead.

2) So far in the book "A Piece of Cake" I think there has been alot of different emotions that you could say thats Cupcake Brown has established. There is alot of changes that cause most of the emotions and being that young and having to deal with severe depression, deprevation, regection, and degration. On top of all of that going through constant prostitution, drug dealing, not to mention all before she turned 20.

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