Sunday, October 28, 2007

outside reading : A Piece of Cake


"Where there is Life,
There is Hope,
Where there is Hope,
There is Trust,
Where there is Trust,
There is Love,
Where there is Love,
There is Faith,
Where there is Faith,
There is Success,
Where there is Success,
There is God. " pg. 1
I think this quote really gives a good introduction into what the book could be, and helps sumarize every thing in the book. Even though cupcake goes through some really hard times in life she sees it all through in the end. I also think it really showes Cupcakes personality that she shows through the book, it portrays that in everything we do there is always some life, hope, trust, love, faith, success, and god somewhere.
2) In these chapters Cupcake after being emansipated and moving into her new apartment also gains another job ontop of drug dealing. She works the night shift for a security company. But her drug habbits were just taking up to much of her money and soon had to move out and back in with her dad. Which living with her dad they joined together and sold weed and pills, but soon after that her dad got sick of that and moved back in with Lori (his old "lady friend"). Even after all of that Cupcake moved out with Kelly, Loris daaughter but soon moved away from that and when back into her regular parting schedual.

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