Sunday, October 21, 2007

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

Cupcake and her brother are now living together with their father, discussing the plans for their mothers funeral. As Cupcake stated her and her brother never did get along, at one point she had even mad Koolaid for her brother that had a little amount of rat poisening in it becuase she actually wanted to kill him. Strangly though, her and her brother and been getting slightly along.. at least with out any death treats. After the funeral Cupcake was brought to a what you could call a adoption service. In order for her father to gain custidy of her, when to her surprise the officer decieds that it would be better for her to be put into Foster care in California.

Loaded Words:
1)sadness pg.53
This word is commenly used to show expression which is why it think Cupcake used it. In the situation she used it it was when she was finally able to talk to her uncle again after several weeks of being in foster care.
2)pounding pg.57
This word was used to show the extreme point of pain that came from one of her foster homes "father" named Diane after a pounding whipping.
3)bangers pg. 124
This is a loaded word because it is a word with many different feelings. Some connotative feelings towards bangers would be scary, family, tight. The author used this word because her gang used slang which alot of is used in her vocabulary through out the book
4)hatred pg.106
This word is used because it gives off a sense of meaness and can have different words used in its place. It's connotative feeling is yet again harsh. The author used this word because she wanted to show how much hate she had towards another person

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