Sunday, October 28, 2007

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

1) Cupcake after separating with Kelly, Lori’s daughter goes to a club and meets a guy named Tommy. Who to her thinking would have just been like every other guy she was been friends with or meet. But to Cupcakes surprise it was not a one night stand; it was something that turned into so much more than that. She had finally meet someone who thought she was beautiful, had respect for her, and saw how much potential she had. He was the one person in her life besides her mother that put tried to put her life on track. He helped her gain a job, and not to long after they got engaged and then married. Cupcake at this time even though have a good job at Legal Firm still was involved in some sort of parting or drugs. After a while the marriage started getting rough with some fights. Later on Cupcake lost her job because her boss Dave who was the only person there that let her slide with the late mornings and some times even absences without an excuse. But eventually she yet again found a job that was very decent as well. As her and Tommy’s relationship grew worse so did the debt. At one point Tommy would beat Cupcake so had that the police even became involved. For what Cupcake thought could be a blessing on her for the dad to move in with them just made it even harder on the couple.

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