Sunday, October 21, 2007

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

"A Piece of Cake"

In the fist section of my memoir, The author Cupcake brown talks about how her whole life got started, from the time she was born to the minuet that she was sent away with her brother into fostercare. Cupcake lived with her mother who she thought was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, which was complete opposite of how she looked at her self. Cupcake and her mom played games, dress up, cooked, listened to music, danced, and all other sorts of stuff together. They were best friends, one morning after they had just been playing together the whole night before Cupcake had woken up to something very strange. Ushually her mom had an alarm go off very loud in the morning and she would turn it off, but this morning something different had happened she woke up to her moms radio blaring music. Cupcake went into her moms room and saw her laying half on the the bed half off, she thought her mom was playing a little trick on her but to her surprise her mom was dead. She was unushually calm, about the situatuin she pulled her mother off the bed onto the floor in her lap and began to cry while she held her mom and stroked her fingers through the smooth brown hair that she thought was so beautiful. Called her dads lady friend and said, "umm.. mommas dead". After all of that she refused to call the police and just sat there with her mother singing their songs.

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