Wednesday, September 19, 2007

this i belive..

Josh Rittenberg, "Tomarrow Will Be A Better Day.."

Josh Rittenberg belives that no matter how bad your day seems and what ever happens, tomarrow will be a better day. That every day we progress weather it be from the two wars we survived or the horrible dieses that one day we also could defeat aids, or cancer.
Josh had realized that looking at his grandparents and great grandparents pictures thinking of all that they went though the two wars, a massive killing flu, segrigation, or even immagration to the United States of America. You have to look beyond that.. look at the wars we've survived or the vacines that we've made to cure polio, or the passing of the bill of rights. He thinks that we have a bright future ahead of us.
Josh has said that even though his father who was the one who had always told him "Tomarrow will be a better day" one day over herd him talking about how hes so worried about how our world will turn out becuase the younger generation is now starting to become in control. But Josh replies by saying that look at what we have allready overcome and look at that and compare that to what we could do now with all of the advancedments in life.
Somthing in Josh's i belive story was when he completly turned around what every one else sees for our future and has such positive lookout at saying that our world today could so easily come out on top, or suceed at so many things and says " I wanted to go up to my father, put my arm around him and say.. dont worry dad tomarrow will be a better day."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

my thoughts, day two

One of my goals for my sophmore year would be, to become alot more diverse in with my self. That means that I wouldent switch out of a class just beacause my friends arnt in that class, it would give me a excuse to meet new people and maybe even learn some cool new things. You never know what is out there untill you step outside of your comfort zone to see. Also would be to continue on my path to concentrating in school becuase last year I started falling behind so i jsut kind of gave up, this year I hope to stay on everything and even if I start to fall behind jsut know to give myself that small extra push to keep going with everything

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

my thoughts, day two

The thing I am most anxious for about going to Edina High School, is that one I am finally out of the middle school and two that the two middle schools are combinded into one school. Fist about the getting out of middle school, I mean 4 years in that one place with 6th graders? I find that kind of odd seeing as most high schools start in 9th grade or sometimes even 8th grade. One of the big reasons it is a big deal to get out of middle school is the maturity level from 6th to 9th grade is a HUGE step. Secondly the best thing that comes out of going to high school is the friends you normally only see on weekdays after school or on weekends you get to share class with now. Which is a great oprotunity to make new friends or grow closer with thoes people maybe you've only talked to once or twice. A third reason that I can think of to be excited to go to Edina would be all of the opprtunities that you get here compaired to the middle school. As clubs, sports, extra curricular activites and such are a huge part of our high school it creates more diversity which could mean that you have the chance to maybe actually find that group of friends that you feel like you click with or that you have the same interest as them. Thoes are the things that I find make me excited about going to Edina High School this year.