Wednesday, September 5, 2007

my thoughts, day two

The thing I am most anxious for about going to Edina High School, is that one I am finally out of the middle school and two that the two middle schools are combinded into one school. Fist about the getting out of middle school, I mean 4 years in that one place with 6th graders? I find that kind of odd seeing as most high schools start in 9th grade or sometimes even 8th grade. One of the big reasons it is a big deal to get out of middle school is the maturity level from 6th to 9th grade is a HUGE step. Secondly the best thing that comes out of going to high school is the friends you normally only see on weekdays after school or on weekends you get to share class with now. Which is a great oprotunity to make new friends or grow closer with thoes people maybe you've only talked to once or twice. A third reason that I can think of to be excited to go to Edina would be all of the opprtunities that you get here compaired to the middle school. As clubs, sports, extra curricular activites and such are a huge part of our high school it creates more diversity which could mean that you have the chance to maybe actually find that group of friends that you feel like you click with or that you have the same interest as them. Thoes are the things that I find make me excited about going to Edina High School this year.

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