Wednesday, September 19, 2007

this i belive..

Josh Rittenberg, "Tomarrow Will Be A Better Day.."

Josh Rittenberg belives that no matter how bad your day seems and what ever happens, tomarrow will be a better day. That every day we progress weather it be from the two wars we survived or the horrible dieses that one day we also could defeat aids, or cancer.
Josh had realized that looking at his grandparents and great grandparents pictures thinking of all that they went though the two wars, a massive killing flu, segrigation, or even immagration to the United States of America. You have to look beyond that.. look at the wars we've survived or the vacines that we've made to cure polio, or the passing of the bill of rights. He thinks that we have a bright future ahead of us.
Josh has said that even though his father who was the one who had always told him "Tomarrow will be a better day" one day over herd him talking about how hes so worried about how our world will turn out becuase the younger generation is now starting to become in control. But Josh replies by saying that look at what we have allready overcome and look at that and compare that to what we could do now with all of the advancedments in life.
Somthing in Josh's i belive story was when he completly turned around what every one else sees for our future and has such positive lookout at saying that our world today could so easily come out on top, or suceed at so many things and says " I wanted to go up to my father, put my arm around him and say.. dont worry dad tomarrow will be a better day."

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