Sunday, October 28, 2007

outside reading : A Piece of Cake

1) Cupcake Browns new job meant she could continue on with the addiction of drugs and parting which meant the fights continued between Cupcake and Tommy. Cupcakes dads father died and had left money for her father but cupcake with such a strong addiction to the point that she would even go against her family decided to steal some of the money to pay for the new crack addiction and just for her plain old dope. Cupcake eventually told her dad and he was so upset that he left the two. Once all of the money was gone they were put out and Cupcake had to leave Tommy. For cupcake drugs eventually led to even more of a depression problem that started to lead into suicidal thoughts. After the continuous suicidal thoughts she finally found a way for some one to kill her, she stole drugs from her dealer and as she had planned he threatened to kill her. But he didn’t kill her more just so beat her and she wound up in a dumpster 4 days later she woke up which really knocked her into shape, because later that day she walked to her bosses office and demanded to quit because she needed help with her addiction. With that her business helped her to get into a hospital rehabilitation center so she could get help. Found a sponsor shes calles V and talked to her over the phone for long after she was relased to try and keep her on track with her life and not fall into the same situation she was put in before she went to the hospital. Soon after she yet again meet the guy she thought was the one but they dated while she was in recovery and drugs were more important that Cupcake so her left her.
After Cupcakes recovery and release from the rehabilitation center she only resorted to her old ways once. She bounced back very quickly and finally started on her dream to become a lawyer. One day while talking to a professor he had told her that she should share her story, then NBC news decided to interview her and waited to see the feed back they would get from viewers and none was bad. So when she graduated college she became a professional lawyer.

2) did not do this activity. email/brought into class

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